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This new game is representing a new way Crystal Dynamics want to develop this franchise and it's all about giving the maximal freedom to gamers. The bad news is that the storyline is still going to be linear.

Crystal Dynamics made a new experience system which allow Lara to improve her bow-and-arrow skills, accuracy and speed.

Karl Stewart (Crystal Dynamics' brand manager) shared with us few new things about the plot and the place where all the action of Tomb Raider is taking place. Lara will have to use few different kind of combat styles to solve some situations.

"There's one main discovery you and Lara will have to do to uncover the island's true history," says Stewart. "You'll have to find a lot of things and artifact in order to do that".

Lara will hunt her enemies mainly with a bow, but her actions within this game would be more realistic. For example she wouldn't be able to jump from one rock and catch another while flying.

"It's impossible in real world," says Stewart. "That's why we wanted to create the next generation gameplay for franchise."

Tomb Raider release date is March 5, 2013 - as reported by

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05 Mar 2013