Nvidia Announces GeForce GTX Titan

14 Mar 2013, 05:10
Nvidia Announces GeForce GTX Titan

This month, Nvidia pulled the wraps off what will likely become the Fastest Single GPU in the World - the mouth-watering GeForce GTX Titan. Based on its Big Kepler GK110 chip, the Titan is a nod to the Titan Supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which employs 18,688 Tesla K20 GPUs, also based on the GK110 chip.

The Titan GPU will sit right between the single-GPU GTX 680 and the dual-GPU GTX 690 on the performance and price scales, but it'll be much closer to the GTX 690, thanks to its rumored $900 price tag and specs that are almost double those of a GTX 680 although not quite on par with the GTX 690.

For example, the Titan has 2,688 CUDA cores to the GTX 690's 3,072 - on the other hand, its clocked speed is 837 MHz compared to the 690's 915 MHz.

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