PS4 architect: a bit more developers friendly?

28 Mar 2013, 14:40
PS4 architect: a bit more developers friendly?

For a long period of time PlayStation 3 has been criticised for strict compartmentalisation of its memory between CPU and GPU as it probably was the main reason why ports from XBOX was so problematic. After a tons of developers surveys are done Sony is trying to implement some PC-centric approach which will bring relief to coders and designers.

Mark Cerny answered few questions on what developers should expect from PS' new architecture.

"A very developer-centric approach to the design of the PlayStation 4 would just make things go more smoothly overall," he said.

"The biggest thing was that we didn't want the hardware to be a puzzle that programmers would be needing to solve to make quality titles," said Mark. "My first tour of the developers, I had a questionnaire where I just asked them their thoughts on what the next generation might bring. The largest piece of feedback we got was that they wanted unified memory."

PlayStation 4 will come with 8GB GDDR5 which can be variably accessed by both CPU and GPU.

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