Fallout 4 Review - Is it worth playing?

16 Dec 2015, 04:43

Fallout from Bethesda Game Studios is a long awaited addition to one of my favorite game series of all times. So is Fallout 4 the game that I wanted in a sequel? I mean yes and no at this point I've spent 70 hours with the game and it still seems like I've got a lot more to do before I can fully appreciate all of it.

Fallout 4 begins with a captivating live action intro detailing the story of your character after some point. The narrator reveals that the year is 2077 and you're a soldier in the US military and it's the world large-scale nuclear war now. The game starts with a protagonist looking into a steamy mirror going about their morning ritual of watching each other change races bone structures through a similar system to that of The Sims. You can simply click and drag to customize your face and body type.

I don't want to reveal anything more here because of spoilers and I want to keep the rest of this video as spoiler-free as possible. I will say this though once you're out of the vault of the world is almost entirely risible as you might expect what's not expected is that something like 200 years of passed since you enter the vault and something's happened to your family resulting in a multi-faceted mystery right off the bat you're only clues in the beginning or glean from your own robot cards worth who by the way with her if you chosen one he knows yes completely immature ones as well as like boobies but doesn't know my name Clint or even more common names like Brandon.

I see where your priorities are a but that day after this you're free to do anything the Commonwealth first is going to be a lot of and was wondering your life and dying is a lot of that to fill out for it takes place in a post-apocalyptic Boston Massachusetts and with it comes an impressive array of enemies that want nothing more than to see your body parts separated from one another and my word did they do a great job with the enemies this time even at 7 I was still getting annihilated by Jules and radroaches on occasion and don't even get me started on Raiders and super mutants

I am playing the game on the next two hardest difficulty what I totally recommend by the way it's a fun challenge but no matter what your present is a highly enjoyable fallout 4 is nasty or citizens try and murder you. Fools play dead and then charged with full speed radroaches one of the walls and ceilings mole rats rats scorpions pop up from underground and the Raiders another humanoids use surprisingly good tactics to Franken outmaneuver you eat. Enemy can come attached Edens wheeling small nukes so if you're not paying attention it doesn't matter if you have the best weaponry in the world they can still take you out like nothing legendary enemies will sometimes appear to completely ruin your day please puncture exponentially tougher to kill all the other always drop it if you succeed making for some higher stakes even and would initially seems to be just another by the numbers in counter that and that's the next big change in the game the combat this time around using that doesn't stop time for you to apply your action points it merely slows things down there counter this by map of far more viable alternative compared to the fallout 3 and New Vegas the gun play is much improved hand guns shotguns rifles rocket launchers energy weapons and unique things like the junk jet and gamma gun.

They all feel super salad but it's also still a bit unpredictable but even when aiming down sights how is a chance that you'll miss even with a high hit percentage and I love that it's a pleasing mixture of dice rolls and dexterity unit rarely leaves me feeling cheated by the result sniper rifles and melee weapons also finally feel amazing the used which has completely changed how I approach long range in combat you can even use cover and look around corners now by plotting against the wall and aiming down sights a nice touch indeed but great combat doesn't matter of the world sucks had initially fall out for his map seemed pretty weak to me it looks small and wasn't very interesting where you start out but  swear deceiving I gotta say with confidence to this is my favorite map in the Fallout series to date that's a whole lot bigger than it looks on your pep boys map not only is it bursting at the seams with fascinating ruins and a diverse set of locations to explore but there's a sense of verticality what is most huge factories skyscrapers and secret facilities all allow you to explore up and down and out in a way that none of the previous games have these precarious.

Heights and complex passageways up there just make me feel vulnerable than a way that I never have a new Fallout game and I love it and many of these there it all comes together with excellent Art Direction sound design and dynamic weather conditions creating some of the most compelling game locales in recent memory plus the soundtrack by you no answer is freaking excellent if you ask me making settle use of accordions organs and bagpipes and lonely traditional piano as a fan of urban exploration and chilling ambient soundscapes this is all brilliant fun to soak in at least that is until the framerate plummets and heaviest little red text to show up in a plane is on a PC so that stuff stands out even more this is my next complaint the graphical fidelity and performance most of the time it looks pretty fantastic but there are several notable areas that field the half baked and reek of optimization issues with the framerate dropping from a solid 60fps down to the thirties or lower even on my superclocked GTX 980 ti video card combine this with the inability to change the I'm and other options.

I would expect to have and yeah the PC version leaves a bit to be desired there are also the usual Bethesda bugs like weird pathfinding for MPC companions and moments where the physics go berserk I have no doubt that patches and mods will help some of this stuff later on but still sonic rap would be ironed out by now seeing as it's like the 37th time but does does use this game engine another issue I have is that the main story is uninteresting it best and disjointed at worst especially in the beginning what are the first things you do if I'm leaving the vault is rabbit suit of power on call with a minigun okay I mean don't get me wrong its pretty fun I guess but it just doesn't match with the protagonist story so far if this messes with your plans you can wait as long as you want to do this stuff and of course there are the huge number of side quest to complete side quests or where fallout latest anyway in man there are some excellent ones on offer hear that provide some captivatingly unique dilemmas to solve and when things start getting really tough don't forget that that power armor still exists from earlier even though it was practically useless.

After the first battle since it required a power saw when you do get around to being able to use it again the new power armor is a sight to behold I really did what they did with it this time it's like an iron man walking tank next to type of thing with the ability to swap out pieces of armor and upgrade components with things like paint jobs spotlights quick yourself properly and level up enough you probably won't need power armor most of the time anyway due to the copious perks you earn and yes deeper system has changed from previous games which is been a huge point of contention among long time fallout fans and understandably so strength perception and intelligence agility and Luck stats all started the bottom now and skills have been replaced by this new perks system when you level up you'll be able to apply one of 70 attribute-based perks with 229 ranks between them in order to unlock later perks will have to have a certain special stat level as a base Tyler is super specialized character that misses out on a lot of the game or a character so middle of the road that you may as well play as a painted yellow line.

I kind of get why they did it seeing as there's no level cap and no arbitrary ending to the game so eventually I'll just unlock everything and I do dealing with big numbers anymore instead just have a hard up grade level and things like lock picking and packing and not worrying always 37 what I need no you just have to worry about it my novice an expert to master it cetera but another thing that they've changed and I'm not a hundred percent on is the new not only is your character fully voice for the first time in Fallout game but clearly this was designed for consoles in mind seeing as its map to the face buttons of a controller allowing for a maximum of four choices at any given time look dumb ass that's not how baseball with played that brightness to somebody that controller mapping so much I mean I'm using a controller on the PC version for the most part anyway because.

I like playing while reclining in front of a big TV but what bothers me is that the conversations seem really bland in comparison to previous games rich unpredictable conversation has been one of the in fallout from the very beginning I like being able to see everything my character can say before I say it and I like being able to say things that are more than a line or two long it is kind of useful in the fact that it makes conversations seem a little more inmediat maybe a little more natural almost really simplified to so what's I win some lose some kind of thing there are some need editions well like being able to press different face buttons to skip dialogue in a snarky manner getting drunk and hearing your characters are there words and the color code is speech challenges which make those pretty simple

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